HS-Tumbler Mischtechnik – Trajektionsmischung – Lebensmittel-, Pharma-, Chemie- oder Industrieindustrie

Die Revolution in der Mischtechnologie – Trajektionsmischen.  Wenn Sie in der Lebensmittel-, Pharma-, Chemie- oder Industrieindustrie tätig sind – wir haben die neue Magie für Sie!

Die Vorteile der revolutionären Technologie sind nicht bekannt. Der internationale Markt ist groß und fragmentiert.

Ein Erklärvideo visualisiert auf humorvolle und dennoch seriöse Art den Nutzen und die Funktionsweise.

Auf Messen, im E-Mail Marketing und in Verkaufsgesprächen schafft der Film Verständnis, sichert die Vertriebsqualität und verbessert Terminquote und Abschlussquote.

SceneTimeSprechertext/ Voice OverBild / Actions and DescriptionsIllustrationen/ Visual references of pictures
10:00The revolution in mixing technology – trajectory mixing.  If you are in food-pharma-chemical or industry processes – we have the new magic for you!Music (similar to James Bond theme)   A hs-tumbler (looks like stainless steel cylinder) moves like a figure skater in all directions: in a zigzag, in a figure eight, in a sine curve, in a circle.   Various tools drop into the hs-tumbler from the top: a beater, a dough hook, etc. (see accessories of a food processor).   Out of it from the bottom come the following products and fill the picture: rye breadpizzaice cream cone with two ballscream jar (cosmetics)toothpaste tubepaint bucket with the inscription „color blue“dark brown jar (inscription „medicine“ and pharmacy cross) 
20:11Our magic scientist discovered a new method of mixing, kneeling and forming materials.A “mad scientist” in a white coat, looking similar to Albert Einstein, in a high-tech lab. Papers with complicated formulars lie in front of him.   He looks delighted (widened eyes, laughing all over) as if he has just discovered the philosopher’s stone.   A light bulb lights up above him. 
30:18Stirring was always a laborious business – …Stone Age man dressed in fur stirs in a pot standing on a fire. Beads of sweat splash away from his head.   Fade to 
40:22… even when man invented machines for it …A baker in front of a dough mixer.   Fade to 
50:26… that became larger and larger.Typical conventional industrial tumbler.   A worker in blue overalls stands next to it and looks at it. The man is much smaller than the device.   See http://www.henneken-tumbler.de for examples. 
60:29But from now on, the world no longer stirs – it shakes.A James Bond type wearing a tuxedo (should look similar to Daniel Craig) leans against the counter of a bar and toasts the camera with a martini.   In the background, a bartender shakes a cocktail. 
70:34With the revolutionary trajectory process, the material mixes itself without a stirrer thanks to programmed swirling on fast curves within seconds.We see the Hs-tumbler from above (please draw in perspective).   In the hs-tumbler we see the video Fraunhofer (animation).   In small letters at the bottom of the picture we read: Source: Fraunhofer Instituthttps://www.dropbox.com/s/5yqdln7mcad44bh/Fraunhofer%20Simulation%20-%20hs-tumbler_1.mp4?dl=0
80:46Stirring, kneading and shaping take place in one work process no matter which elements can be applied to substances like meat, dough, lotions, powder slurries and many more that are in process of evaluation.Five captions are scattered across the image: StirringKneadingShapingEmulsifyingTenderizing   The captions move over each other and fade to another caption: Trajectoring mixing   Several food products are grouped around the caption: meatice cream cone with two ballsvegetables 
91:01With higher mixing quality than before, in no time at all and exactly made to order. That’s mixing to go. Our magic!A Hs-tumbler rotates around its own axis.   The „mad scientist“ from scene 2 watches in fascination, then turns to the camera and gives a laughing thumbs-up.   Captions fade in: Higher mixing qualityIn no time at allExactly to order   Sync with voice over dissolve into image-filling bubble with the caption: It’s magic!   (Use very imaginative, spectacular and playful font, maybe a little hippie-like.) 
101:11Instead of hours, it only takes seconds to condition meat for ham production, for example. Less waste is produced, and the processing steps do not take place one after the other but in a continuous process.Lid of Hs-tumbler opens.   Meat, dough and vegetables fall in from above. Lid closes.   Lower lid opens. Finished products fall out: pizza, ham, rye bread, ice cream.   They fall onto a running conveyor belt and are driven out of the picture.   In the upper right corner of the frame we see an analog clock. The hand moves from 12 to 8. It takes exactly from the beginning to the end of the scene. 
111:26This opens up completely new customer-oriented, CO2-reduced production concepts: Local processing and manufacturing on demand, fewer additives, less energy consumption, less space required.Captions quickly enter the picture at various points sync with voice over: customer-oriented CO2-reducedLocal processingManufacturing on demandFewer additivesLess energy consumptionLess space required   The James Bond type (see scene 6, in the foreground) shoots at the captions with a pistol, whereupon they disappear.   Sound effects: Gun shots 
121:41Trajectory mixing instead of stirring saves time and money, energy and resources.The James Bond type and the “mad scientist” toast each other with martinis.   Sound effect: Glasses clink   Caption: Saves time and moneySaves energySaves resources 
131:49This revolutionary innovation comes from a small town in Germany – Frogtown.    Map of Germany   Quick zoom in to Quakenbrück (please google this location). There sits a frog.   Next to it the caption: Quakenbrück 
141:56And conquers the world.Quick zoom out to a globe.   Many frogs jump from Quakenbrück to many places on all continents.   When they land, they turn into tumblers. 
152:01We want to try your mixing with our machines to see what it can do for you.  Get in touch or visit our labs.Logo hs-tumbler   Contact data and other media (youtube, linked in etc.). 
162:10 Film ends 

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