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Much experience: More than 500 satisfied customers in 10 years!

Much experience: More than 500 satisfied customers in 10 years! erklaerfilm_kunden_logos_gross_quer


Why EVA's explanatory videos are better.

  • Tailored & Excellent
  • Simple production and coordination process
  • Best price performance ratio
  • More than 1000 companies have already trusted us

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Here are a few selected explanatory video productions

HR CLAIMVIDEO - DIAKONIE  Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Flat Design
HR ERKLÄRVIDEO - DIAKONIE - Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Flat Design
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions vw_wedrive_erkla% CC% 88rvideo_erkla% CC% 88rfilm_produktion
VW WeDrive Volkswagen - Explanatory film & explanatory video production - Whiteboard / Legetechnik
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions PRESENCE_ERKLAERFILM
PRESENCE - Explaining Movie & Explanation Production - Comic / Cartoon Animation
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions TRAININGFILMS_FUER_MARC_OPOLO
TRAINING FILMS FOR MARC O'POLO - Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Screencast
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions SILENTCOACH_HAPPYPFLEGE_ERKLAERVIDEO_erklaerfilm
SILENTCOACH HAPPYPFLEGE - Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Motion Graphics
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions miele_erkla% CC% 88rvideo_erkla% CC% 88rfilm_produktion-809631894-1523774192927
Miele - Explaining Movie & Explanation Production - Scribble / 3d
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions PORTAL_DER_QUALITAETSBERATER_erklaerfilm
PORTAL OF QUALITY ADVISERS - Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Animation video
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions BDP_erklaerfilm
BDP - Explanatory Film & Explanation Production - Whiteboard Animation
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions ERKLAERFILM_KUNST_AUF_LAGER
Art in Stock - Explanation & Production Video Production - Scribble Video / 3D
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions SMARTWORK_OFFICE_EXPLAINER_erklaerfilm
SMARTWORK OFFICE EXPLAINER - explanatory film & explanatory video production - video animation
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions KINOTRAILER_FU% CC% 88R_DIE_SCHULKINOWOCHEN
Cinema trailer for the school cinema weeks - Explanatory film & explanatory video Production - Cutout / 3d
Here are a few selected explanatory video productions Screenshot-2018-04-15-um-08.39.01
Training Film Beuth Verlag - Explanatory Film & Explanation Production - 3d Realfilm

Explaining Better, Presenting Better, Selling More, Marketing Explaining Videos from EVA.

Our animated marketing video explanatory videos will help you explain your business and brand values. Our Explainer Production increases the average time visitors spend on your website (length of stay) and, above all, increases them conversion average 20%.

  1. Win customers with explanatory videos
  2. With our company Explainer Train employees
  3. Generate attention with explanatory videos
  4. Simplify the world with explanatory video
  • Explain a product or service
  • Increase the retention time on your website
  • Increase your conversion rate

Your explanatory video production inquiries


We produce the explanatory film with which you achieve your goals.

We produce the explanatory film with which you achieve your goals. icon7-copy

Present better, explain more efficiently, sell more with explanatory videos.

We produce the explanatory film with which you achieve your goals. icon5-copy

We produce the explanatory film that helps you achieve your business goals.

We produce the explanatory film with which you achieve your goals. icon12-copy

An explanatory video dramatically increases your search engine traffic and social media engagement.

We produce the explanatory film with which you achieve your goals. icon10-copy

We have more than 15 years of agency experience and several hundred satisfied customers.



Our six-step explanatory video development process

At EVA "The Explaining Video Agency"From Berlin we have developed a simple 3 (6) -step process that will allow you to make the necessary suggestions and make corrections that you need to make the result perfect.

Your non-binding explanation film request


6 steps to the best explanatory video production.

1. Briefing and advice

In a joint discussion, we clarify goals, target group, purpose, content, tonality, address, drawing style and quantity and length for you Explainer.

2. movie script

Our authors create a concept and script for yours explanatory film.
(2 corrections included)

3. illustration

Our illustrators start designing and creating the storyboard for your explainer. (2 corrections included)

4. voice recording

We suggest different speakers. Your favorite
then enters the text for your corporate video in the language studio.

5. post-production

Objects, characters and texts are animated, synchronized with matching sounds, music and the narration. your Explainer We will then send to your correction. (2 corrections included)

6. Final release

If everything fits you enter the explanatory film free and we play the video in
All popular formats for web, trade fair and presentation.

Explanation video Process: Briefing, Script, Illustration, Text, Speaker, Music, Sound, Postproduction

Start your "Video Sales Funnel" strategy with explanatory films by EVA "The Explanatory Video Agency" from Berlin!

What is a "Video Sales Funnel"? It's a way to turn internet users into shoppers through video content. Put customers on your website, explain your product or service there explanatory videos and generate confidence in your brand. Together we will develop an intelligent video strategy to achieve the results you are looking for!

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The agency for the explanatory film you were looking for!

Not all videos work in the same way. We from Experience the explanatory film AgencyBeing an experienced production company, you can create premium quality videos at a really affordable price. We offer one of the best value for money in the market. We do this through our in-house software and our intelligent workflow and production process. We have been active for more than 10 years and have already created thousands of videos for hundreds of satisfied customers.

  • We develop your message.
  • We write your concept.
  • We produce your explanation.

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Corporate Video Strategy: There are many types of videos.

If an explanatory video raises the conversion rate that much, then imagine what a whole corporate video strategy could do for your business! At "The Explainer Agency "we offer all kinds of video content and for every phase of your Customer Journey at. Whether customers just look around or are ready to buy, we create all the videos to attract, convert, maintain, or win back customers for your business. The extra push for your sales!

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We offer conception, consulting, realization and distribution from a single source.

  • Creation concept: The copywriter creates a storyboard with narration and sketches.
  • Advice: The consultant advises you on the design, music, video style and video duration.
  • Illustrations / Creation: The illustrator draws illustrations in the desired style.
  • Realization: The animator animates the illustrations and inserts narration text and music.
  • Video Translation: We translate versions of your explanatory film in different languages.
  • Distribution & Distribution: We are happy to disseminate yours explanatory videos on different video portals or on Facebook. We create your video landing page and advise you on the topic Adwords, Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads.

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Why our explanatory videos are so efficient.

An explanatory video is a short animated video less than 2 minutes long that explains your product or service in a simple and activating way. An animated explanatory movie is the perfect pitch and will help dramatically increase your conversion rate. Ask us: EVA - The explanatory video agency from Berlin.


There are many good reasons for your animation production with us!

  • 1.000 produced animation explanatory videos in just 10 years
  • Many satisfied customers, 98% of our customers charge again
  • 1 fixed explanatory video producer as contact person
  • 99% give 5 by 5 stars
  • Carefree package: advice, idea, production, leads
  • Always high-quality animated explanatory films and videos that reach their destination
  • Ideal price-performance ratio through lean optimized work processes
  • We work with love - no films "off-the-shelf"

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Many individual styles for your explanatory video & explanatory film

VECTORSTIL / FLAT DESIGN STYLE EXPLORE VIDEO - illustrative, informative, clean and serious:
As the name implies, flat-style videos are characterized by their flat, minimalist design without many shades and 3d effects. It dispenses with three-dimensional representations and surface textures.

COMIC / CARTOON EXPLANATION VIDEO - sympathetic with character:
These are comic-style videos, also similar to the "cartoon".
The comic video style is fully animated and seems slightly childish.

CUTOUT / LEGETRICK / LEGETECHNIK ERKLÄRVIDEO - Combination of photos and illustrations.

The whiteboard style has a reduced design with a clear structure and almost completely dispenses with colors. The illustrations of the whiteboard video seem to emerge only in front of the viewer.

KINETIC ERKLÄRVIDEO - dynamically animated typography in sync with music and speakers

3D ANIMATION EDUCATIONAL VIDEO - Complex visualization and rendering of your ideas in 3D

PICTOGRAMM, INFOGRAPHIC, ICON STYLE EXPLORE VIDEO - explain with abstract language of form:
The pictogram style is elegant, modern and ideal for your reputable brand image. The typical pictogram explanatory film consists exclusively of simple graphic symbols.

SCREENCAPTURE, SCREENCAST CREATIVE VIDEO - Screenshot for demos, training and tutorials

REAL FILM - Even with classic film techniques you can explain things.


Of course there are many more styles for your explanatory film / explanatory video. Ask us.



Animated explanatory videos and much more.

We'll create animated explainer, explanatory videos, explanatory films, and all kinds of video content your business needs to attract customers, increase your conversion rate, and generate deals. We also produce promotional videos, trade show films, product videos, recruiting videos, commercials, app videos, educational and training videos and image films. Create with us the "Video Sales Funnel" to hang your competition! Ask us: EVA - The explanatory video agency from Berlin.

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Request for your explanatory film - Price / Cost


You want to know what your explanatory video will cost?

Then please use our quick inquiry form or better our detailed Project questionnaire to formulate your request more precisely and to receive a reliable offer in the near future.

Call us at: + 49 (0) 30 42094627 or write and one E-mail to:

The prices and costs for your explanatory film are determined by different factors. So the video length, the style of illustration and the depth of animation are decisive for the price of your explanatory video. The type of use and the regions of use determine the costs for the rights of use of the illustrations and the music.




Well, there are many factors that affect the cost of a video such as: the video style (motion graphics, whiteboard animation, character animation or live action, etc.), the length of the video, or how fast you need it ,
Surely our videos are not the cheapest on the market, but they are also far from the most expensive ones. Rather, our video products have the highest quality in the market and we have the best value for money. We usually land between 3.000 and 12.000 € for an animated video, while other companies with the same quality standards charge between 15.000 to 25.000 € and even more than 25.000 € for a live action video. But take our word for it, like many other big and small companies that have already worked with us: Neckermann, Addidas, Sparkasse, Bayer, Audi, Skoda, Oerlikon, Group, Marc O'Polo SIMENS,, berlin-online , ARD / DRA, Beuth.


There are many reasons why you should choose us for your next video production. The first is that all our videos are fully customized. This means that the whole video is created with the identity of your brand in mind and the message is tailored to your target audience. Also, we have one of the highest quality standards in the animated video industry for the economy and we do not just assert this ourselves. It's something big brands like Neckermann, Addidas, Sparkasse, Bayer, Audi, Skoda, Oerlikon, Group, Marc O 'Polo SIMENS,, berlin-online, ARD / DRA, Beuth and many others who have already worked with us also say.
With "THE EDUCATION FILM AGENCY" videos you get completely custom-made and high-quality videos at a very affordable price. What are you waiting for? Contact us!


We have a cute video that explains everything here. But to continue, we've developed a simple 3-level process where you can give feedback on each of the phases of the video process: script, storyboard, themes, animation, music, and sound. So you can be relaxed and check in all phases whether the production takes the right direction and if necessary influence it.


Making a professional marketing video is not an easy task. It requires coordination between a team of professionals specializing in their specific fields. The entire video production process takes about 7-9 weeks. But hey! It's the only way to create a custom marketing video with the quality your business needs. Do not forget that a video represents your brand and it must be really great to stand up to your competition and get the results you need!


It's really easy: First, we sign a contract detailing the video specifications. Then you transfer an advance payment of 50% of the cost. Once the video is finished and accepted, assign the remaining 50% and we will send you the video in the final format of your choice. Call us so we can talk about it.

Is it possible to accelerate the video production process?

Yes, it is possible, but it would increase the final cost. You will see, video production brings a lot of time and a large team of people. To speed things up, we have to pay extra hours for our team and have them work weekends, which is expensive. Our recommendation is that you have a little patience to get the best video quality at an affordable price.


If your business has a website and you want to turn visitors into customers, then you need animated explanatory videos. That's for sure! You'll declare your business in seconds, increase your conversions and your purchase or contract. But if explanatory videos are so great for startups, why do you only want one? There are different types of videos for different goals. Explanation films help build brand confidence with customer testimonial videos. Create more offers on your website, increase your reach for search engines, and attract more visitors by offering educational or educational videos. Or, go a little further with product videos, tutorial videos, and how-to videos to provide more details about your products or services that help build trust, increase your conversion rate and retention time, and increase sales to generate.
This will move your leads even further into your sales funnel.
Create a video sales funnel: steer your leads to a video-based landing page. Inform and maintain your customers there with useful video content until they are ready to buy. This is the key in a modern marketing strategy. Watch this video about inbound marketing. It explains how a buyer really works!


Not only in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. We operate in many cities and regions

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Hanover, Nuremberg, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn, Munster, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Augsburg, Wiesbaden, Gelsenkirchen, Mönchengladbach, Brunswick, Chemnitz, Kiel, Aachen, Halle, Magdeburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Krefeld, Lübeck, Oberhausen, Erfurt, Mainz, Rostock, Kassel, Hagen, Hamm, Saarbrücken, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Potsdam, Ludwigshafen am Rhein , Oldenburg, Leverkusen, Osnabrück, Solingen, Heidelberg, Herne, Neuss, Darmstadt, Paderborn, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Würzburg, Fuerth, Wolfsburg, Offenbach am Main, Ulm, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Gottingen, Bottrop, Trier, Recklinghausen, Reutlingen, Bremerhaven , Koblenz, Bergisch Gladbach, Jena, Remscheid, Erlangen, Moers, Siegen, Hildesheim, Salzgitter - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate lz, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia

Why we are better than other Explainer video agencies.

Why we are better than other Explainer video agencies. icon9-copy

Individual & handmade

Each graphic and animation for your Explainer video is created by us individually - no modular system or purchased templates.

Why we are better than other Explainer video agencies. icon6-copy

Transparency through project tracking

With our live project management, you can track your Explainer project in real time and directly influence the video.

Why we are better than other Explainer video agencies. icon11-copy

Satisfaction Guarantee & Quality Promise

Our agency is working on your Explainer video until you are fully satisfied - promised!

Why we are better than other Explainer video agencies. icon4-copy

Care & Support

Communicative project support, availability on weekends, our service guarantee and much more


Why do you need an explanatory film production?

Why do you need an explanatory film production? icon7-copy

See and understand better

Explain complex products and facts quickly and comprehensibly, only videos can. The attention span of Internet consumers continues to decline.
Hardly anyone else reads long texts in the net.

Why do you need an explanatory film production? icon5-copy

Fresh streams of visitors and potential customers

Videos spread quickly in the social media web, are shared and discussed. Some become viral marketing success on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

Why do you need an explanatory film production? icon12-copy

Better to be found for search engines

Videos are reflected in the search results through their preview image.
Due to their high length of stay, they are preferred by Google listed.

Why do you need an explanatory film production? icon10-copy

The new revenue plus through high coverage and more deals

Videos inspire confidence, increase visibility and make your business understandable. All this increases the number of your product sales and service contracts.